Here are some photos I have taken in Central Australia. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version......use the back button on your browser to return to this page. Click here to return to the Touring page     


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 Canyon Waterfall.jpg (127563 bytes)          Garden Pool.jpg (122571 bytes)      Kantju waterfall.jpg (152600 bytes) 

Valley Of The Winds.jpg (114295 bytes)    Cloudy Rock 3.jpg (96723 bytes)    Oka in Mud.jpg (117913 bytes)    UluruSunset 2.jpg (96268 bytes)

Alice Sunset.jpg (96685 bytes)    Tour Group.jpg (108013 bytes)    Sunset at the Rock.jpg (103136 bytes)   Opera House.jpg (109871 bytes)

Kata Tjuta from the Rock.jpg (98833 bytes)    Mutijulu.jpg (109286 bytes)    Lizard.jpg (211927 bytes)   Mt Connor.jpg (122601 bytes)



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