Yes, this is my main job, Tour Guide for Adventure Tours Australia. This is where the name Chief came from. We had four Pauls working here so they gave me a nickname and it stuck. I run 5 day camping tours in the Red Centre of Australia. Based in Alice Springs, I spend most of my time out in the bush with a busload of adventure-seeking travellers. I get to see the best sunrises/sunsets, the best scenery in Central Australia, do it with some great people......and get paid for it (did I mention I have to work 12 - 18 hour days too.....oh well). If you want to know more about Adventure Tours, click on the logo above. If you want to see some pictures then scroll down. If you want to learn more about the Red Centre, go to the links page.

For those who have never been there Central Australia or the Red Centre is a huge area around Alice Springs right in the middle of Australia. Called the Red Centre because of the colour of the rock and sand, it is a beautiful, stark, semi-arid zone environment. Probably the best known feature is Uluru (commonly known as Ayers Rock) closely followed by Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). Lesser known sights and features are Mt. Connor, King's Canyon and Palm Valley plus a myriad of small "secret" spots scattered all around the place. I have seen the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets in my life in this area.


To be continued............



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